Episode 77

Published on:

18th Oct 2021

Chapter 77. Don't go messing with mi vibe.

Almost a tale of two tours this week, if you don't mind the ol' nod in the direction of Charlie D.

After the opening salvo of infected teens, and DIY insurance we moved on to talking about the current state I find myself in, namely taking the week to do some pre-reheasal prep. Now you might be thinking that the phrase pre-rehearsal seems like an oxymoron, but in my world it means listening to MP3 files and trying to work out how the new songs go.

So why a tale of two tours I hear you cry, well the diary this week covers some similar ground as the Band hit Cambridge for the first night of the TSE tour back in 1997.



Gin Hass

Gin Hass is a danish creation and was first made when a danish bartender named Kim Hass mixed mango syrup, lemon soda and gin together.

  • 4 cl. Dry Gin
  • 10 cl. Schweppes Lemon (San Pellegrino is better)
  • Mango syrup
  • 1 Lime
  • Lots of ice!

Fill the glass with ice, and squeeze the juice of half a lime over it. Add 4 cl of Dry Gin and top up with of 10 cl Lemon Soda. Stir the drink and carefully add a bit of mango syrup. Garnish with fresh mint.

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P.S I began this journey just as CoVid-19 took hold and changed our lives, possibly forever, so it seems apt to reference that in the naming of the podcast.
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