Episode 71

Published on:

6th Sep 2021

Chapter 71. Mablethorpe, Venezuelans, Ski-ing Fleas and the Tutankhamun Teabag.

This is one of those chapters of TCD that actually moves the whole kit and caboodle on a few notches, whilst also setting up what comes next.

It's that bit in the movie that normally happens about 30 minutes in, when you have found out a bit about the main characters and one of them neatly explains what has really happened so far and what the hero is going to do to fix it. Or the bit in the play where one of the protagonists makes a point of explaining, in a stage whisper and directly to the audience, what the craic is.

So after hitting you square in the face with an opening salvo of childhood holidays & village cricket, we close in on the finale of the first leg of the AOS European tour, with body maintenance in Hamburg and my favourite venue in Paris.

And, just like all those movies, you are now ready for the set-up.

In this case, the explanation of what is going to happen in TCD 72 and just enough of a tease to leave you on tenterhooks for the whole of the week.

Spielberg would have been proud. (but then HE was never marched across railway lines at gunpoint...)



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