Episode 22

Published on:

21st Sep 2020

Chapter 22. Berlin, Lobsters, Valkyries, Minibar Parties.

So I happened to mention something about Berlin whilst Ant & I were recording one of the bonus bits of content for the purple patrons.

And it turns out both of us are big fans of the city, so we decided to make it part of a natter that doffed its cap to Marillion, the Europeans and the lyrics to the song of the same name.

And (apropos of a tenuous link) it's a pleasure to be able to introduce you to Dickie Beaumont, V.V Manly and a Wagnerian Valkyrie who used to bounce me on her knee.

No wonder you lot are worried about my health.

Toodle Pip Lobsterbib Lobsterbib...


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P.S I began this journey just as CoVid-19 took hold and changed our lives, possibly forever, so it seems apt to reference that in the naming of the podcast.
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Steve Hogarth

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Lead singer/songwriter Marillion since 1989. 14 studio albums. Previously with How We Live and The Europeans in the 80's.
Teller of stories from an incident-prone life, citizen of the world, lover of all peoples, imperfect human being, voice of reason in a world gone crazy.

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I have been tinkering with audio since my mid-teens, recording songs & producing content for friends.

Post university I embraced the world of retail, firstly in supermarkets and later in & around the music instrument industry.

After 20 years or so, I took a sideways step into podcasting and began a venture called ashortstories, which helps in the development & production of podcasts for anyone that has a story to tell.